Stair Runners

Stair runners can add a really great design statement to your hallway. Not only do they make a wooden staircase less slippery, and therefore safer, they reduce noise dramatically and can be a much less expensive way to finish your staircase. If you have straight stairs, it is a really easy ‘do it yourself’ project which virtually anyone can manage – just tell us the finished width you require, and the number of steps and we can make you a runner very quickly, and advise how to fit it. We are also happy to use carpet which you have purchased elsewhere and turn it into stair runners. If you have turning stairs, or Winders, a little bit more work on your part is required. We need you to make a separate paper template for each of the triangular steps – telephone us to find out the easiest way to do this.

Boats and Caravans

We can also produce shaped and fitted mats for boats and caravans. If you have the original mats we can use these as templates to create new ones.

An example of the type of runner we can make.

Stair Runner